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For entrepreneurs, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could be having an overwhelmingly negative impact on the small business that they manage. From communities going into lockdown to maximum capacity remaining lower than normal, small businesses have seen a number of setbacks as a result of the pandemic. If you are an entrepreneur struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, make sure to remember the following tips. 

Adjust Your Company’s Core Functions As Needed
In response to the social distancing measures in place, countless businesses have closed their physical offices and implemented remote work until further notice. While this adjustment may not have been difficult for some industries, others have struggled to adapt to the new working conditions. Entrepreneurs should take a look at how their business functions and make any adjustments as needed. For example, if a business typically holds several meetings each week, decrease that number to allow for more flexibility throughout the workday. Employees who are still adjusting may find it easier to manage the new schedule with fewer obligations. 

Be Proactive
While it may seem tempting to deal with issues as they arise, this can quickly become overwhelming during uncertain times like the coronavirus pandemic. This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to be proactive in situations and not wait until an issue has already come to fruition. To achieve this, it is important to remain vigilant on current events, and pay closer attention to any trends that could directly impact the industry.

Provide As Much Assistance As Possible
As the leader of a business, it is an entrepreneur’s responsibility to implement the best practices for success throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In some instances, this may require an entrepreneur to provide assistance in more areas than usual. Provide as much help as possible, and be understanding of the need for assistance. Many professionals may still be adjusting to the new normal within the workplace, and how the business’s leader responds is even more important in difficult times.

While uncertain times like the coronavirus pandemic can be difficult for entrepreneurs to get through, there are many ways to protect their small business from more damage. To learn more about entrepreneurship, visit Scott W. Hartman’s monthly blog at