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Perhaps the most common issue that arises from those wanting to be an entrepreneur is their day job. Most cannot drop everything and begin to work on their own business. They have bills to pay, children to feed, and the list goes on. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re stuck. Reaching the levels of an entrepreneur takes time, but it is possible. Therefore, the following list includes three tips to begin to shift your career towards a life of entrepreneurship.

Understand Your Desired Industry
The dream of being your own boss and making millions often clouds our judgment or red flags that may be showing themselves to us. Therefore, before investing any time or money into your dream, you should first understand what you’re getting yourself into. Read articles and books on the field to fully understand what it takes. Speak with those already working within that industry to get their take on it. Some of them may even become your mentors. You may find out that you’re perfect for this industry, or you may find out that you really don’t like it as much as you thought you would.

Success is in the Details
Speaking to anyone who will listen about your dream is not the most effective way to get there. Sure, talking about it may make you feel good, but it’s not going to get you there any faster. Instead, take those thoughts and put them down on paper. Ask yourself, what kind of product do I want to put out? Is there any competition around me? What can I do to make my product or service stand out from the crowd? When to document your thoughts, you are better able to grasp the situation and take concrete steps to reach your goal.

Leverage Your Current Job to Grow
One of the least known approaches to becoming an entrepreneur is to utilize your current job to grow. Many larger corporations out there offer free of charge business classes to their employees. Speak to your manager and see if you can begin to take these classes during or after work. Understanding numbers, marketing, and advertising are going to place you leaps and bound above your competition. You may also volunteer for certain projects at your current job to improve your experience. In addition, when you place yourself at the helm of a project, you are better able to understand what it takes to lead a team.