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Before entrepreneurs take their first steps, they often hesitate to start their endeavors. They work hard to learn as much as they can, hoping they will, at some point, feel ready. They become knowledge hoarders. 

This is a common enough behavior, and it happens under the assumption that once a business is started, the entrepreneurs will know everything. They will have nothing left to learn. This is an assumption you want to be rid of as soon as possible. The daily life of an entrepreneur is full of learning experiences, often in the form of mistakes. 

Entrepreneurs never stop learning, simply through the process of doing their jobs. 

But the most successful of these innovative thinkers will also make a lifelong practice of actively seeking out learning opportunities. 

Learning is how people grow. The more someone knows, the more their mind expands. This gives more ground for creativity to take hold and come up with new ways of thinking. By staying up to date and learning more about the industry, an entrepreneur will see new opportunities for their business to become more efficient, to better connect with customers, or to expand. 

How do successful entrepreneurs manage lifelong learning with such busy schedules? When balancing personal life and work life, there doesn’t seem to be a time in the day for learning new, extra things. Like any lifelong practice, it can be done in small chunks, and by prioritizing something that is truly essential for the longevity of your career. 

To begin with, make a list of things you really want to know more about. While learning about anything in your industry is useful, there are likely areas where you’d get the most benefit from learning more. From there, you are working on learning into your routine with smart habits.

One way to learn new information is through reading. Many entrepreneurs will make twenty minutes of reading an ebook or listening to an audiobook as part of their morning routine. Audiobooks can be a great way to make this happen because you can make it part of your workout routine. 

Another strategy, again through listening, is to cultivate a focused list of podcasts in your industry. You can listen to these while working out or while you’re stuck in traffic. 

To make learning more fun, sign up for classes. You can find online classes available in many industries. This way, you’ll be learning alongside other people. There will also be more structure to the class, which can help with making it a priority.