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Who are the biggest leaders to watch this year? Well, they range the gambit from the experienced, to the intelligent, to the organized, to those that are simply driven. Here are three gentlemen that are sure to go places this year and beyond:

Diego Sanchez

Mr. Sanchez, also known as Didac Sanchez, is a self-made entrepreneur at the tender age of 28. Brought up in what essentially was an orphanage in Barcelona, Spain, he vowed to make his mark on the world.

Before leaving the residence, he trained as an insurance employee and repaired computers on the side to create extra income. Now, ten years later, he is an international businessman, managing his group of companies, Maidan Holdings, established in 2017, and headquartered in the Ukraine. This group includes his foundation, the Didac Sanchez foundation, which works with disadvantaged youths, like himself, with entrepreneurial dreams.

John C. Lettera

Mr. Lettera is the CEO and founder of the technology-driven, alternative investment firm, RealFi Financial. The company’s subsidiaries provide qualified and non-qualified residential mortgages. The firm is also a direct lender of commercial real estate bridge loans in several major United States markets through its subsidiary, RealFi REIT, a top real estate financier.

Mr. Lettera began investing over thirty years ago during a major drop in the real estate market. Capital was restricted since lenders were only sticking with safe loans. Risk-averse lenders shied away from any real estate found in secondary or tertiary markets, and that is where John made his fortune. RealFi is now one of the largest American mortgage companies, and it is still growing at an amazing rate.

Michael Rivera

Mr. Rivera, a native of the Phillipines, is the COO and President of ProView Global, a company that focuses on providing employee benefits and administration at a relatively decent cost without sacrificing quality.

ProView Global strives to process and administer employee benefits and provide employee management services in the most comprehensive manner possible without jacking up the costs of their services. Mr. Rivera counts on the combined 60 years of experience in the field that the company’s founders had in order to assure that this mission statement is not only possible, but achieved on a daily basis. The company’s tech-based solutions have enabled it to gain a stellar reputation of hiring and training the best employees for client companies.

In conclusion, these leaders have catapulted their respective companies to new heights in company culture, profit, and simply acting as a fine-tuned entity should in the third decade of the twenty-first century. For these reasons, they are the leaders to keep an eye on for the foreseeable future.