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Do you know how to reach your goals? Many people say that they’re organized when all they’re doing is purchasing trendy planners. It’s easy enough to jot down a grocery list, but how do you apply the same amount of care to your other decisions?

Progress requires more than following trends or going through the motions. It’s the result of careful, strategic decisions. Instead of writing a checklist, learn tried-and-true methods that’ll steer you to success.

1- Keep Your Expectations Realistic

In our world, technology makes things happen faster. It gives us the impression that complicated tasks can be finished in hours or minutes. This is a blessing and a curse when your high expectations are not met.

If you should find yourself in a place where you can’t type quickly on your laptop, you might fear that you’re failing. Remember–technology is a tool to help us reach our objectives. Don’t expect to finish that report in a day without your laptop.

2- Find Accountability Partners

In all of life’s important matters–school, work, or healthy living–you’ll make more progress with trusted friends or family giving gentle nudges. The challenges we face in adulthood can make us feel helpless.

When you suspect that you don’t have what it takes to complete an assignment, vent about it to someone who cares for you. They can walk you through the project by tailoring it to fit your strengths. Your accountability partners can devise a system that will work for you as an individual.

3- Treat Yourself

Once you’ve succeeded in losing the pounds or writing your school report, have fun. Get into your most comfortable clothes and go for a walk. Adding a reward will make the work easier to bear, providing motivation for you to keep studying.


The pandemic has forced us to rethink the ways in which we meet our goals, but certain things have not changed. Great things cannot be done alone, and it’s healthy to take a break after you’re done.

Learn to set your ideas into motion, seeing them through to completion. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes when you have finished.