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The real estate industry has been massively impacted by the onset of COVID-19. With social distancing guidelines in place and people quarantining, conducting in-person business has been made difficult. Both property buyers and sellers are now more cautious about handling business with real estate agents. This has impacted real estate development and marketing in ways never imaginable. The following are several real estate trends to keep an eye on heading into 2021. 

Entering the new year, digital real estate marketing will be the new norm. Even among agents who have been hesitant to give in to technology, they don’t have much of an option other than to embrace the digital age. With all face to face interactions being avoided at all costs, the Internet is more important than ever. Realtors are now utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook to market their listings and give home buyers a way to look at various properties. Other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube have also been resourceful marketing tools to help develop real estate leads.

Aerial drones are now becoming a vital piece of equipment in the real estate industry. Since potential home buyers want to be able to see the area in which a house is located or the lot size, drones are now the go to method amid this pandemic. With the use of these drones, agents are able to show off amenities that are convenient to the properties, such as schools, businesses, and other local establishments. The aerial footage that is shot and recorded can then be uploaded onto a social media platform for potential buyers to view.

With in-person tours being limited, virtual tours have been the go-to resource for most agents throughout the pandemic. This provides a much safer alternative for home buyers as well as the realtor themselves. The buyers are easily able to access the tour remotely and able to determine if the property is the right fit for them. Real estate video marketing is extremely valuable now, and it seems that trend is going to continue well into the new year. As people try to accommodate the “new normal” throughout their daily lives, it is critical that all safety precautions are taken.