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There’s no way around it: entrepreneurship is difficult. Whether it’s trying to beat the competition or lead a team of employees, you’ll have to wear many hats. There are some things you can do to improve your skills as an entrepreneur.

Delay Gratification
Being an entrepreneur definitely requires delaying gratification. Starting a business usually takes thousands of dollars in savings. Being a leader often requires you to be good at long term decision making. So next time you think of eating a second slice of key lime pie, say no.

Try the unusual
Being an entrepreneur requires doing something different. You can’t be the square peg that fits in the square hole. So try mixing things up a little by walking off the beaten path. Read unusual books or try unusual foods. Talk to people who you normally wouldn’t.

Stick with challenges
In general, this is a good practice to cultivate. If you’re making a New Year’s resolution for the gym, stick to it. Don’t quit in February like everyone else. Being an entrepreneur is an enormous challenge and you’ll constantly face obstacle after obstacle

Manage finances
A business is a financially-based organization. You’ll need to manage employee and product costs while taking into account revenue. Practicing managing your finances with Mint or Quicken will not only increase your financial skills for business but also improve your personal life.

Take advantage of leadership opportunities
There are plenty available in everyday life. Step up to the plate and lead. Start a meetup group. Manage a fundraising project for a nonprofit. Or even manage your father’s birthday. Each leadership project, no matter how small, will build time management, organization, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Communication skills are very important for entrepreneurs. There is an organization called Toastmasters, which focuses on building the public speaking skills of its members. Fees are minimal. Most groups have weekly meetings.

Keep Learning
Many people unfortunately have the mentality that only school is for learning. Once they graduate, they put down their learning caps. This is not true, especially for entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are online resources like Udacity and edX where learning is cheap. Several decades ago, a course on marketing might have cost you several thousand dollars. Now it could cost you as much as a McDonalds Value Meal.

Being an entrepreneur is very challenging. Fortunately, you can develop your skills by spending time on related activities.