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This year, we experienced unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we approach the new year, it is important that entrepreneurs take the time necessary to prepare for 2021 and what lies ahead. There are a few trends we can already identify that are sure to continue through the next year, and taking these into account can help entrepreneurs prepare for the year to come.

Networking & Community
The pandemic forced many workers to operate from home, and the cancellation of events around the world meant a limited number of opportunities to connect with other industry professionals. Moving into 2021, entrepreneurs should be on the lookout for more virtual events, from conferences to smaller gatherings. Strong personal relationships can drastically improve an entrepreneur’s success, so making an effort to build your network, especially during these isolating times, is key.

Flexible Work Spaces
With more people working remotely now than ever before, the future of office spaces is uncertain. Flex spaces are on the rise, and entrepreneurs will do well to consider the pros and cons of such innovative solutions for their own businesses. Doing so will help you determine what expenses are essential, how you can maximize the usage of your space, and whether long-term remote work is right for you.

Email newsletters have made a comeback this year. Social media marketing may not be the strongest pursuit for businesses, but subscription-based newsletters allow for complete control over the mailing list and targeted messages that can appeal to a select audience.

Additionally, subscription-based services are rising in popularity, as well. This model allows for a consistent income with limited efforts needed to maintain customers. Entrepreneurs should consider subscription services for their business, depending on their industry and resources, and make necessary changes to ensure the practice is effective.

Ethics and Authenticity
With the pandemic causing a considerable amount of emotional stress as well as widespread economic turmoil, consumers are looking to support businesses that demonstrably care about their communities and customers. Implementing sustainable practices, supporting gender equality, and ensuring good working conditions are a few practices entrepreneurs can easily integrate to aid in their marketing efforts.