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Throughout history, there have been tales of incredibly successful individuals. This article provides a list of 3 of the most successful entrepreneurs and their rise to glory. Read on.

Walt Disney
Walt Disney grew up on a farm drawing horses as a hobby. As he got older, Disney tried to become a cartoonist, and when he couldn’t, he got a job as an ad creator in an art studio. With hard work, he went on to work on commercials, which further deepened his interest in animation. This interest would eventually see him open his own animation studio.

Walt Disney’s first animated character was called Oswald the Rabbit. However, since he was under a contract, the character was the property of Universal Pictures. After receiving a pay cut, Disney left the studio and immediately created a replacement for his rabbit. This is how Mickey Mouse came into existence.

Even though Disney was incredibly successful with his company, he had bigger dreams, including building a theme park. He is quoted to have told a colleague that he wanted it to look like nothing the world had ever seen. Disney is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, and his commitment to his vision shows an un-relentlessness that is both passionate and entrepreneurial.

Madam CJ Walker
Known as the first black female self-made millionaire, Madam CJ Walker, whose birth name was Sarah Breedlove, was an incredible lady. She was the daughter of slave parents who worked on a Louisiana plantation.

 Having seen an untapped market, Madam Walker decided to create hair products exclusive to black women. Despite every challenge that came her way, Madam CJ Walker managed to break through and stamp her name in history books with elegant hair to accompany it.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey’s wealth currently stands at a brilliant $3 billion. However, this wasn’t always the case. Winfrey was born and raised by a teenage single mother who was a housemaid. Winfrey grew up in abject poverty that, as a child, she got teased for wearing potato sack dresses.

To make matters worse, she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a family member, which she talked about at length with her audience in one of her show’s episodes. Oprah got her first break when she got a job at a local black-owned station.¬†

The stations’ executives recognized Winfrey’s potential early on and encouraged her all the way. Oprah Winfrey is today arguably one of the most influential women in the world and is also the wealthiest African American today.