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Entrepreneurs have to work hard to find clients and build their businesses. When they start from scratch, it can seem like an uphill battle to make a profit. Entrepreneurs may need guidance and advice, but they might also need funding. Luckily, there are loads of resources out there that provide helpful information and services for new entrepreneurs and startup businesses.

Forbes on Entrepreneurs
Forbes has a broad collection of articles about entrepreneurship and advice from entrepreneurs. They have posted hundreds of articles on finding financing, community building, building confidence, and overcoming self-doubt. Forbes is an ideal free resource for entrepreneurs who have questions about just about anything.

Startup Lawyer
Every entrepreneur will need to work with the legal system to build their company. Startup Lawyer is a platform designed to help new entrepreneurs learn legal information. The founder, Ryan Roberts, has published a book to help entrepreneurs ease through legal processes. Startup Lawyer teaches entrepreneurs the basics like how to form a startup company and how to structure it.

The book dives deeper into legal issues like what to consider when choosing co-founders, first employees, and problems common to working with both. The book also outlines things like how to select mentors and advisors, how to set accelerator deal terms, and how to examine the venture capital financing process.

Ask Your Target Market
Entrepreneurs need to know their target market, but those just starting may not even know who their target market is. Tools like Ask Your Target Market (or AYTM) have millions of respondents. AYTM design, program, and distribute surveys to these respondents. AYTM can deliver same-day results.

Entrepreneurs can download their raw data, demographic analysis, an interactive stats page, and a crosstab analysis. Entrepreneurs can use this information to develop customer personas quicker and more efficiently. AYTM offers free online training to assist entrepreneurs in navigating their target market research.

Funding Circle
Entrepreneurs need to raise capital to fund their business ventures. Crowdfunding platforms like Funding Circle have helped fund thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Their team has brought together over 100,000 investors to revolutionize the lending process for determined business owners. There are various lending platforms out there, but Funding Circle is one of the most diverse.